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About Myself

I am a systems engineer specializing in software and IT management for mid-sized and large clients. I have extensive experience overseeing the development, implementation and management of information technology systems that improve accessibility and resolve networking issues. This experience has helped me develop a range of relevant skills, including in-depth knowledge of Linux server architecture, confident project leadership and familiarity with a range of technological applications. I am always pushing myself to learn more and use any challenges to learn.

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Why choose Me?

8.5 years of experience

The services i provide my clients i take on personally. Every job i achieve to perfection and nothing less. Skill, knowledge, and experience alone are not enough. That is why I always strive to work hard to exceed even the highest of expectations from my clients.

Working to impress

Great IT is the first impression, the foundation of your brand, an effective leverage for quality differentiation and growth.  

High quality service

I strive to provide the best service for all my clients. All my services have been carefully tested and trialled. I work hard to meet our client’s needs while also remaining economically competitive.

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